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5 Step Franchise Resale Program

Buying/selling a business can be a very complicated process. We simplified the process into 5 easy steps. Our role is to guide all parties through the business sale process from start to finish. We provide all parties free guest access to our patent-pending 5 STEP RESALE PROGRAM: a defined resale program used to effectively educate and efficiently communicate each step of the business sale process (eliminating surprises). Without this process, units are slow to sell or even close down and bring down the overall team. With the help of FRANCHISE CLEARLY, I assure you we will make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Step #1: Seller Profile

Collects and stores all confidential files and necessary information from the SELLER into what we call the SELLER PROFILE. This step educates all parties on the complete selling process, including: prepare valuation, prepare listing agreement, prepare marketing package and go to market with the advertising. Most importantly, we prepare all the requirements from all necessary parties (landlord, franchisor, seller and lenders).

Step #2: Buyer Profile

Collects and stores all confidential files and necessary information from each BUYER inquiring upon the SELLER’s business. This step educates all parties on the complete buying process, including: confirm all requirements are met prior to releasing name/location/confidential documents of SELLER. Then we schedule conference calls and in person meetings to find a match.

Step #3: Execute

Collects and stores all LOI’s and purchase agreements between SELLER and BUYER. We urge all buyers to present a letter of intent if serious about purchasing the business (making the LOI contingent upon step#4’s full due diligence). During this stage, one buyer will execute a letter of intent with the seller to purchase the business. We also urge all other BUYERS to present back-up offers.

Step #4: Due Diligence

Collects and stores all the due diligence items and helps make sure that all parties complete the due diligence schedule in a timely manner. When buyer and seller agree to move forward, we ask both parties to execute the AUTHORIZATION TO CLOSE and begin preparations for closing. At this point, the deposits held in escrow are non-refundable.

Step #5: Closing Checklist

Collect and store all closing documents for the buyer and seller’s review. We work directly with all parties and their professionals (attorney’s, CPA’s, landlord’s) making certain all preparations for closing are in place (including buyers paperwork, licenses and transfers are in place). We provide checklists for closing attorney, buyer and confirm all parties attend closing and assist in the preparations of a turnover plan.

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