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Fitness Franchise Colbert County, AL

Listing No: 993636 | Category: Fitness | City: | County: Colbert | State/Prov: Alabama

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Total Purchase Price:


Gross Revenue:

Owner Benefit:


Business Description

This profitable and well-established nationally branded fitness franchise is a great turnkey opportunity for a new owner. This 10-year-old club is fully staffed and has a solid base of nearly 675 members. A new owner can further drive profits by implementing the existing new franchise personal training programs and establishing corporate relationships to drive new members. All of the top-quality fitness equipment is meticulously maintained and generously included in the sales price. Contact us today to learn how you can join this successful franchise and own your own gym!
  • Inventory: $0
  • FF & E: $125,000
  • Leasehold: $0
  • Lease Total/month: $5,321
    • 01) Base Rent/month: $4,677
    • 02) Triple Net/month: $644
      • 2a) Maintenance/month: $0
      • 2b) Insurance/month: $0
      • 2c) Property Taxes/month: $0
    • 03) Sales Taxes/month: $0
    • 04) Other (etc.)/month: $0
  • Square Footage: 4000
  • Building Type: Retail Center
  • Terms & Options: N/A; Expiration Date: 3/30/2019


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