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Two Profitable Franchise Fitness Centers In Northern AL

Listing No: 993624 | Category: Fitness | City: | County: | State/Prov: Alabama

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Total Purchase Price:


Gross Revenue:

Owner Benefit:


Business Description

Package deal consisting of two profitable franchise fitness centers located in Northern AL. Both clubs are staffed and equipped for continued success. A new owner can easily drive revenues further by implementing existing new franchise personal training programs and establish corporate relationships. All of the top-quality fitness equipment has been meticulously maintained and is generously included in the sales price. The current owner is confident in the future of the business and is willing to offer some seller financing to assist with a new buyer’s required bank down payment. Contact us now to learn more about this great opportunity.
  • Inventory: $0
  • FF & E: $275,000
  • Leasehold: $0
  • Lease Total/month: $9,999
    • 01) Base Rent/month: $0
    • 02) Triple Net/month: N/A
      • 2a) Maintenance/month: $0
      • 2b) Insurance/month: $0
      • 2c) Property Taxes/month: $0
    • 03) Sales Taxes/month: $0
    • 04) Other (etc.)/month: $0
  • Square Footage: 11,000
  • Building Type: Retail Center
  • Terms & Options: N/A; Expiration Date: missing


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