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Franchise Senior Care Center in Sumner County,TN

Listing No: 993420 | Category: Senior Care | City: | County: Sumner/Wilson | State/Prov: Tennessee

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Business Description

This international franchise caters to the rapid growth in senior demographics and the increased desire for stay at home care. Surveys show that 88% of seniors prefer healthcare in their own home. This particular location was recently developed in 2015 and still has huge expansion opportunity with surrounding unowned territories. Under the franchise agreement, the current territory encompasses Sumner and Wilson Counties! Avoid the usual start-up costs and purchase this turnkey opportunity that is fully licensed and accredited with contracts and staff already in place. Revenues are expected to surpass $225k in 2017. The typical start-up cost for this franchise range anywhere between $94k to $176k. For only $75k you can begin with a positive cash flow and take this business to the next level and meet the growing demand in senior care!
  • Inventory: $0
  • FF & E: $2,652
  • Leasehold: $0
  • Lease Total/month: $475
    • 01) Base Rent/month: $475
    • 02) Triple Net/month: n/a
      • 2a) Maintenance/month: $0
      • 2b) Insurance/month: $0
      • 2c) Property Taxes/month: $0
    • 03) Sales Taxes/month: $0
    • 04) Other (etc.)/month: $0
  • Square Footage: 325
  • Building Type: historic downtown, multi use commercial
  • Terms & Options: n/a; Expiration Date: 4/15/2019


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