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Nationally Branded Franchise Fitness Center in Villanova, PA

Listing No: 993153 | Category: Fitness | City: Villanova | County: Delaware | State/Prov: Pennsylvania

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Business Description

This is a unique opportunity to purchase a top ranked Nationally Branded Fitness Franchise located in an upscale retail location, surrounded by four elite colleges and universities. This 3-year-old club has earned a reputation for specializing in superior personal training, having the best selection of top-notch quality equipment, and the highest standards of cleanliness, ranking #28 out of 3,200 clubs worldwide on member satisfaction scores. The design and layout of the club was thoughtfully planned to promote paramount standards of an already strong national brand. The average club membership rate is over $54 per month and 30% of members participate in personal training. Since inception, the current owner has focused primarily on personal training leaving an opportunity for a new owner to grow the already stable existing membership base; with further membership growth, personal training revenues will continue to grow as well. All of the high-end equipment is generously included in the purchase price. The seller is confident in the future of this business and is willing to offer a seller note to assist with a lender required down payment. Call us today to find out how you can join this top ranked franchise!
  • Inventory: $500
  • FF & E: $200,000
  • Leasehold: $240,000
  • Lease Total/month: $13,763
    • 01) Base Rent/month: $10,463
    • 02) Triple Net/month: $3,300
      • 2a) Maintenance/month: $0
      • 2b) Insurance/month: $0
      • 2c) Property Taxes/month: $0
    • 03) Sales Taxes/month: $0
    • 04) Other (etc.)/month: $0
  • Square Footage: 5000
  • Building Type: N/A
  • Terms & Options: 6.5 years left on a 10 year/ one 5 year option; Expiration Date: 11/1/2024


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